Our Company

Computational Physics, Inc. (CPI) is a research and development (R&D) company dedicated to solving problems from concept to prototype. CPI's mission is to develop the expertise and innovative techniques that advance the state of computational physics, and through computational science and other state-of-the-art tools, provide a product that meets or exceeds our customers' expectations.

CPI was founded on September 17, 1984 by Dr. Douglas J. Strickland, to provide basic and applied science support to various U. S. Government organizations and prime contractors. CPI's original business was scientific research on the radiation properties of the Earth's upper atmosphere and developing new remote sensing techniques for better understanding of the upper atmosphere and ionosphere.

CPI's expertise has since broadened to include many more scientific services:

CPI has a diverse set of customers that include government (DoD and civilian), Federally Funded Research Development Centers (FFRDCs), university laboratories, and private companies.

We at CPI recognize the need to develop and apply robust scientific applications to help solve problems and to further the understanding of the global environment and its impact. Our approaches to problem solving are through understanding industry operations, environmental measurements and observation; applying physical principles; and developing accurate, valuable, and usable information on which to base policy and business decisions. These are principles and approaches we apply to every business endeavor we undertake.

CPI prides itself on its long existence and stability, its commitment to employees, and shares in the benefits of its growth through an Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP). It is this commitment to personnel and their involvement in the company that has enabled CPI to acquire and retain a cadre of exceptional scientific and computer programming expertise that can be called upon to solve problems amenable to computational solution. We also encourage and support our staff to volunteer in educational outreach activities in our surrounding communities.

Brief summaries of CPI's technical capabilities are available in the Company brochure.