CPI Quality Assurance

The CPI team will work closely with the U.S. Navy Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic’s Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) to identify potential problems early and ensure that task execution is fully responsive to the sponsor’s requirements. This is achieved via close communication and coordination between a designated CPI senior staff member, the COR, and the requiring sponsor of any SeaPort-e task. In the event a problem does arise, this will be communicated by the COR to the Task Manager who will have responsibility for taking appropriate and timely action to correct the deficiency or problem. Depending upon the circumstances, this may entail notifying team members of the problem; working with team members to find viable solutions; seeing those actions are executed to satisfactory problem resolution; or proposing alternatives that circumvent the problem. Throughout this process, the Task Manager will ensure the COR is adequately informed of all actions taken to resolve the problem. CPI’s past experience with its NRL contracts has found this approach to be highly successful, earning the company a reputation for integrity, quality, and excellence.

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