What We Do

CPI performs a broad range of scientific services for understanding and describing the earth's atmosphere from the planet's surface to outer space, the objects in orbit about the planet, as well as the information technology (IT) services required to support such activities. Our clients have needs in every aspect of atmospheric science and our goal is to provide cutting edge solutions in the field of computational physics that meets or exceeds our customer's expectations. These services can be providing state-of-the-art retrieval algorithm development in remote sensing for federal agencies such as the Naval Research Laboratory, to developing and applying first principles modeling to address problems for Missile Defense Agency programs.

Some services CPI provides include:

Atmospheric Correction
CPI has developed a software tool for performing atmospheric correction of remotely-sensed imagery and calculating surface reflectance. Read more >

Atmospheric Remote Sensing
CPI has extensive expertise in the retrieval of environmental parameters from remotely sensed data of the lower, middle, and upper atmosphere. Read more >

Computational Physics
CPI investigates faster ways to perform physics calculations by developing more intelligent algorithms or exploiting cutting edge hardware technology to accelerate the computations. Read more >

fpm_thumbFirst Principles Modeling
CPI has developed a number of first-principle physics models for radiation propagation through or generated by the atmosphere, particularly for the upper atmosphere for space weather applications. Read more >

Polarimetric SAR ThumbnailPolarimetric SAR
CPI has expertise in developing and implementing algorithms for the analysis of Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar (POLSAR) imagery for the Naval Research Laboratory. Read more >

Radiative Transfer
CPI has expertise in atmospheric radiative transfer modeling to support atmospheric correction of remotely-sensed imagery and synthetic scene generation. Read more >

Scene Generation
CPI has extensive expertise in generating scenes in the ultraviolet (UV), visible (VIS), and infrared (IR) to support sensor and algorithm design and development. Read more >

Scientific Data Distribution thumbnailScientific Data Distribution
CPI has expertise in providing web-based data set hosting as a service to scientists and organizations interested in outsourcing their scientific data. Read more >

Space Situational Awareness
CPI has expertise in predicting earthshine and skyshine illumination of resident space objects to support space-based surveillance for Space Situational Awareness. Read more >

sw_thumbSpace Weather
CPI has decades of experience in developing first-principles physics models relevant to the ionosphere, thermosphere, and auroral zone. This includes significant experience in working with solar data, energetic particle data, and remote sensing data. Read more >

A statement of CPI's technical capabilities is also available in the Company brochure.